Keep Up The Good Work…

…so keep at it!

He’s deliciously sweaty – the reward of a good workout…

You don’t necessarily need a gym… or even weights!…

(Training at home? Who needs clothes?)

SO: have these boys inspired you to get back into training – or to start (never too old!!)?

I end with a regular reminder that I too would like your support: you just needs to buy some books which cover gym (all aspects), finding gay love, circus and travel, misadventures… and the fourth book (Let The Future Find Me) is a simple novel about a simple outcast and orphan gay guy who sets of in search of something – maybe his lost love – who’s to say?

The first three books should be ordered direct by contacting me at – we ship anywhere in the world – and book four can be obtained likewise or direct from its publisher by clicking on its cover.

(Those three form a trilogy but can be read independently)

About tony

Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to Keep Up The Good Work…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I love naked sit-ups! Thanks! I recommend for some great photos that fit your purpose. To help you make more money on your website, may I suggest that you talk to friends about letting you photograph them naked and do some relatively inexpensive naturist-type nude photo books. If you can get people to pose for little or nothing, it might work.

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