Sun and Snow

Following on from the previous post about the show season opening here on the Algarve (for the tourists at our complex)… in the space of seven days we have had the hail and snow in our face (quick trip to UK for a special family birthday) and the warm sun on our backs (here) which looks set to continue while UK enjoys a conveyor belt of storms. Yes, we miss UK, but… Portugal has a lot going for it!

Maybe things will be clearer for us after march 29th when UK may (or may not) be outside the EU.

In the meantime, today’s selection of fit guys are weather-related (and mainly sunny!).

Hmmm – we need a few more back views. Here’s another:

Now turn him around:

Perhaps time for a shower?

Shower with some friends – always more fun:

OK – bring back the sun!

Btw – being out in the sun isn’t always playtime – there’s work to be done…

Sun and snow can come together…

…or it can just be damn cold but you enjoy it… ‘hard man’ indeed  (probably in all aspects except one!):

But back to summer and sun… and fun!

If not that… folk wrestling?

And finally, for today, a not-quite-so-sunny reminder of here we own property! ‘ARAF’ is short for ‘Arafwch’ which means ‘SLOW DOWN’ in Welsh. Just so you know!

Good luck to the Welsh against the Irish on Saturday at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff – they are set for the grand slam in the Rugby!

Post script about some scripts: the first three available from me (to go anywhere in the world) on and the fourth likewise but also direct from the publisher (click on the cover). E-books also available for all four, but I would now get nothing for the first three because the publisher went under.

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