More ‘Touching’ Twosomes

‘Touching’ – in every sense! And yes, one thing leads to another…

…and in similar vein…

…obviously a distraction from football! However, let’s widen the net…

OK. We’re clearly in ‘gay’ mode for this post. An opportunity to remind you that my first three books, which are linked, cover out finding gay love and all that has meant for us, a shared love of sport (gymnastics and acrobatics particularly), performance, circus tours, and some added adventure and misadventure… and, since the publisher has gone bust, the only way I can profit from them now is if you buy them directly from me at We can ship them at discounted prices anywhere in the world…

More on my most recent, stand-alone novel featuring a sad gay Native American boy and his lost love, below.

Meanwhile, sometimes a sporting challenge can have an unexpected outcome:

…but, then, ‘All You Need is Love’…

(Hmmm. Those guys are a bit thin, obviously not engaging in our other interest of fitness training. Never mind, they make a great couple!)

A blast from the past:

Could this next have been taken on February 14th?

Final commercial break: here’s my fourth book featuring the lonely tale of Sammy Three Rivers. You can get this from me as well ( but also direct from bookshops and the publisher – details when you click on its cover… is the direct link!

Tongues… etc…

There you are. 50 shots of happy couples. Don’t let the homophobes win! They to their way, us to ours.

Don’t forget to check out the separate page ‘Gay Expression‘ on this site for lots more couples and gay-themed stuff.

There are also two more pages of ‘Fitness, Acrobatics, Gymnastics and Wrestling’ (1) (2) from which images will soon start to disappear to make room for more posts. Check them out and harvest what you want before it is too late!



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1 Response to More ‘Touching’ Twosomes

  1. GayFred37 says:

    VERY HOT AND LOVELY, TONY ! Thank you very much for these pics !

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