By Request: More Wrestling

By request…40 more wrestling pics. Some of the guys are a bit older than I would normally post, but the moves are interesting! Some 2-on-1’s included.

Not sure if this one is oil or water…


…and, of course, the kewl bit at the start…

Bulgarian folk style…

The penalty for losing…

And finally, the best way! (Look away now, Tumblr):

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3 Responses to By Request: More Wrestling

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Thanks. As you know, I teach for a living and yesterday, I got into a conversation that the kids in one of my classes were having. The boys in the conversation were on one of the teams. Soccer, I think. They started out talking about how some of the guys wanted to try the ice bath (in shorts) where they had played. Naturally, this led to comments about the fact that they don’t get a choice of roommates when they sleep over in a faraway town. One of their teammates is a habitual stroker (He uses the BR). I explained that that was normal for a boy and that it seemed odd that with the move toward accepting homosexuality, they would still find it odd if all the boys had been in the ice bath together naked. Girls were involved in the conversation and asked if the boys went into the icebath naked. This question elicited a big “Ewww” from the boys. I then commented that back in the 70s, a time of greater sexual conservatism, we couldn’t get our PE grade without one supervised shower at the end of each quarter. This statement elicited even more confusion on the part of the kids. It certainly shows a dichotomy of thought. If being gay is OK, why worry about being naked with your teammates? Maybe we weren’t as conservative about sexuality in the 60s and 70s as we thought. Maybe we are more so today than we are willing to admit.

    • Greg Lewis says:

      Nowadays, kids have as much reticence and modesty as ever. In the age of gay enlightenment, some boys are still bashful about being naked with other boys. Maybe, we have not come as far as we thought as a society. Teens should explore being naked. It is a liberating environment once the clothes are shed. Showering with other teens and wrestling are just normal.

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