Friends and Relations

A long, long time ago (it seems!!), two British teenagers fetched up in Tennessee as a result of their father’s involvement in nuclear stuff. They met, and quickly discovered a mutual interest in two things. The first was a profound love of acrobatic sports and performance: the second thing was that they realised that they were gay, and fell in love.

They also fell in with a group of like-minded gays (i.e. mainly gay and into fitness and some acrobatics), forming a caring group which guided our two teenagers safely through their introduction to life as a gay couple.

And more. Both of them have a child who are themselves now teenagers. Each child has a loving pair of parents separated by 4000 miles but, somehow, everything has held together brilliantly. And one of those parents is me.

Adventures and misadventures would follow, which a family friend encouraged me to set down and re-tell the stories (with a little appropriate artistic license to make what most readers have found to be a ‘good read’). Three volumes, over half a million words. And they’re out there now, ready to be sent anywhere in the world, by contacting me on And then came a fourth book – totally fiction – whose publisher (unlike the first three books) still exists. A Native American orphan teen, cast out by his backward-looking tribal elders, sets off in search of a new life and a possibly lost love. he finds good times and bad times… but to say more would be too much of a spoiler. You can get that one – Let The Future Find Me – from me as well, but also through bookstores and the publisher (click on the cover for a link). There are also e-books of all four, although unfortunately I will not benefit from such sales of the first three – only the failed publisher’s creditors will do that.

Sales of books help to support us and, therefore, the continuation of this blog. Nearly 3 million its so far, so there are plenty of you out there to help out! I look forward to hearing from you.

And, now that we have got that over with, let’s enjoy some more couples (and larger groups) of like-minded friends. Not necessarily gay, but that hardly matters! The important thing is that they are enjoying what they are doing…

Here’s one for ‘platinumboy’…

Now then (look away, Tumblr)… playtime on the beach!

And, finally for today – shower time:


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1 Response to Friends and Relations

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Thanks for the toe suck. Loved the naked massage, too! How’d you know?

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