A Death in the Family…

A writer has unique opportunities to get away with stuff that other people don’t. Yesterday I spent several hours working on the next book (working title Known By The Tracks We Leave) and, around lunchtime, killed off its hero’s mother. It was always inevitable that she had to die, but the modus operandi was decided only as the story evolved on my laptop. It’s complicated because the story jumps around in time and one has to remember everything that needs to happen in the earlier episodes so that the ones set later in time make sense. Who knows, one day you might even get to enjoy it.

Actually, my more recently published book Let The Future Find Me has a number of deaths (sensitive readers look away now!), including that of a very significant character who is a small furry animal. However, that is not the point of the story (it is not a murder mystery, for heaven’s sake) – just a lonesome gay boy in search of his future…

…should you be interested in any of the previous three linked books, they are best now obtained direct from me at gymacrobat@gmail.com since the publisher went bust and direct sales (to anywhere in the world) is the only way I can make money on them now to support the blog. Love to hear from you!

And now, some different entertainment. I can guarantee that ‘no boys were harmed in the creation of these pictures’!! Let’s start with an appropriately-dressed young man on the London Underground – it gets pretty hot down there… – and then continue with the ‘hot’ mainly younger guys…


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