Bright Light = Black Eye!

It’s been a funny weekend. We coach some young Portuguese gymnasts on a Saturday. One boy trapped his hand in a car door in the car park before we even started, one arrived with an undiagnosed hairline fracture of the wrist sustained in school PE the previous day then collapsed in agony in our class, one partially dislocated his shoulder while running up for a vault (a congenital thing in his family we didn’t know about), one was shivering as a side effect of some injections, and one boy accidentally hit me in the face with a gymnastic ring so I am now sporting a spectacular black eye. No pictures!

Sunday evening we had a small spot in the outdoor variety show, which was stopped half-way through by an uncharacteristically heavy burst of rain from which most of the audience had fled. Getting off the stage (by now it is dark), Dave was blind-sighted by a flood lamp and walked into a strut supporting scenery, and now has a huge lump on his head.

I think we’re definitely getting too old for this sort of thing. Writing books is safer.

Here is a collection of 20 images in which light plays a more useful (i.e. artistic) role than ‘getting in the eye’… and the boys are pretty kewl too…

One to go. Before we get there, could I please encourage you ALL to try my latest book – the story of an outcast gay lad forced to wander looking for – well, perhaps his lost future. You absolutely don’t have to be gay to enjoy LET THE FUTURE FIND ME…

…available from the publisher by clicking on the cover or directly from me at, where you can also obtained my earlier three books which are linked as a story of gay love found, sporting and performing experiences, touring the world and getting into a whole heap of fixes…

And now, the finale…

Bye till next time, and don’t walk into stuff…

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1 Response to Bright Light = Black Eye!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Maybe this is a sign that you need to switch to slapstick comedy. Some of the best comedians were known as great athletes, even if they didn’t look athletic. Bud Abbot’s most enduring legacy is an athletic house dedicated mostly to basketball. Comedy teams can make a lot of money.

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