A Show of Hands…

…and what fit young men can do with them! Handstands, obviously, first:

The next, not exactly a handstand, but a Russian lever…

Add a friend, training usefully below…

A slightly older gentleman, but a nice position…

Sorry for the small size of that one. Let’s allow the use of the forearms now:

A work in progress (handstand in rings, Chelyabinsk)…

…and a nice planche from the same gym:

Another work in progress, somewhere else:

A handstand dismount from the parallel bars:

Some different hand-i-work now:

Push-ups would be quite tricky without hands…

Now, before we go (and before the final handshake for today, a plea that you consider buying at least one of my books to support all this activity on the blog. A good place to start would be this one:

…which you can get either from the publisher (click on cover), from bookstores/amazon etc, or from me at gymacrobat@gmail.com (shipping world wide!). The story of an orphan gay boy forced to leave his comfort zone and seek a new life (and maybe an old love) as he crosses the States with no idea where he will end up. The earlier three books (below) are best obtained direct from me because the publisher went bust and so this is the only way I will ever get any reward for writing them.

They’re ‘our’ story (finding our gay love and all that), enjoying doing what our pictures here show, touring, getting into assorted trouble and a bit of adventure added as well.

As a quick “reward”, perhaps I can remind you that there are two additional pages of this blog packed with more images of sporting young guys (1) (2) and a third which is tantalisingly entitled Gay Expression. Go explore!!

And be warned, I continue to delete older pictures (and some unintended duplicates) from earlier years of blog posts to make room for new uploads. Even the pictures on those extra pages will not last for ever, so get in there and download anything you fancy keeping before it is too late!

And now, a final wave from our regular gym poster boy!

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1 Response to A Show of Hands…

  1. platinumboy says:

    Great set. The first one just about makes me dizzy. One of these days we’ll know the name of the last kid. Too bad we can’t find a place where naked acrobatics is normal. Maybe soon now that Chicago has an openly gay female Mayor. Boystown rejoices.

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