Touching Twosomes: More Gay Tenderness

I remember the surprise I felt when I discovered that Dave could feel the same way about me as I felt about him… how can two guys feeling for one another be so bad that the Sultan of Brunei demands they be stoned to death? Yep, another news item about intolerance of our disposition towards other guys has hit the headlines this week.

Let’s give thanks for the love that today’s couples clearly have for one another. 44 twosomes, and one threesome!

Some photos sometimes look a bit ‘staged’… but I think that we can excuse them if the guys are sufficiently good looking…

…and some guys clearly need to remove their shirts…

Happily, most guys do!

…sometimes, all of them!

Some guys invite a friend to watch!

Sometimes, the positions can be a little complicated:

Sharing is good:

…and a kiss, obviously:

(Those two about to make a porn set, but presumably they do feel something for each other)

A larger ‘bite’, perhaps?

…or a taste of ‘honey’?

OK – maybe just a snuggle for now…

Maybe just thinking about it…

Yep, the shower is always a good place for thinking about it…

Just good friends? (Or underwear models!??):

Who’s to say, with these final shots for today? Could be totally innocent… or…

One more we might wonder about:

And just look at the smiles here on the locker-room floor…

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2 Responses to Touching Twosomes: More Gay Tenderness

  1. Platinumboy says:

    On the subject of the Sultan of Brunei–The thing that gets me is that here in America, CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, has many in the gay community convinced that the LGBTQ movement and the movement to gain acceptance for Islamic morality is the same. I am really concerned when the Sultan of Brunei can make this proclamation and then gays continue to ally themselves with CAIR here in America. Go to Youtube and find “ISIS throws gay men off buildings” (a CNN report) and “ISIS Executes Gay Men by Throwing Them off Tower ” for two examples (including photos and footage). It should be interesting if CAIR gets invited this year to any Gay Pride parades as I have seen in the past.

  2. ncringo2 says:

    awesome pictures. thanks!

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