Fit, muscular, tanned, shirtless… and smooth!

Male acrobats tend to work shirtless for several reasons – it’s a hot, sweaty business, perhaps we think we look good, but also for safety. ‘Skin-on-skin’ is safe when being supported by a partner. So, in our ‘old days’ back in Tennessee, we used to have discussions with our performing partners about body hair. Zach, in particular, always wanted to shave his chest but we insisted that he didn’t, the ‘fuzz’ on both pecs blending beautifully into his Latino skin tone. Neither Dave nor I is hugely endued, so we never have.

Models almost always do it, and deal with armpit hair too. That’s another thing.. particularly exposed when doing arm balancing! Again, we never have: it looks after itself, and no-one in an audience has ever complained. We also appreciate the so-called ‘treasure trail’ up from the pubes to the belly button and slightly beyond. So that has always stayed with us, too.

Today’s post looks at a particularly nice set of ‘smoothies’ (chest-wise), some with armpit hair and some without. 50 pix, 51 guys. Enjoy.

Smooth chests and oil somehow go together:

(However, oiling up and acrobatics absolutely DON’T go together!)

(We don’t usually do skinny boys here, but there’s something about that picture)


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