The Cull is Over!

After some deliberation, and noticing that the popularity of this site is steadily improving, I have abandoned the cull of old material and invested in a ‘Premium Package’ which more than quadruples the available storage and will allow video uploads as well, should I be in the humour to do that! It also removes pesky advertising.

Material already culled cannot be recovered, however. The cull was useful in that I found multiple examples of the same picture being posted more than once and in general I have reduced each picture to a single appearance somewhere among the historic posts or the auxiliary pages. I will also be expanding the range of auxiliary pages bit by bit.

You (regular readers) can now do your bit. Firstly, make sure that you tell me what you like best within our varied fitness and gay themes. Do this either by commenting on a post or directly at Secondly, because I am now paying significantly more money to run the site, you can please buy more books (and recommend them to friends to buy their own copies – not to borrow yours!!). They make good presents too for like-minded people. You help in this regard will be much appreciated and we can ship anywhere in the world at reasonable cost. It is important that the first three books are ordered this way because their publisher went bust and I will get nothing for copies purchased from booksellers or through Amazon. Let The Future Find Me is with a thriving publisher, although I can equally send those out myself too – all books direct from me come with a discount btw to offset postage costs.

Book details, then, at the end of this post.

And now, a random selection of guys with excellent upper body development, celebrating the hard work in the gym they have clearly put in. 40 shots altogether for you to admire of guys posing what they’ve built. Enjoy.


Book details!!

LOVING THE BOY: My first literary effort – part 1 of a trilogy as it turns out, though never intended that way. Finding gay love amid loving friends in a sporting/entertainment environment, performing, and the first step to becoming a gay dad… then, onwards and upwards as Dave and I (both dads) develop our sporting and family lives, go on tour around the world, meeting misadventure, in THE POWER OF LOVE. A taste of the spiritual creep in to most of my books, and here is no exception, with unseen forces shaping events we shall never fully understand…

…and the final part of the trilogy (and much shorter – phew!) AGAINST ALL ODDS in which everything turns out all right in the end but not until after some pretty scary stuff, thriller-like, as the links of our friends to the underworld come to influence our lives. All built around our true stories but improved by someone with more writing experience than I ever had to make them ‘a good read’… all of which hopefully improved what I do sufficiently that LET THE FUTURE FIND ME is much better written, succinct, moving, and entertaining as an outcast gay lad leaves the only world he knows to find the answer to life, adventure and love… and a dramatic finale. Link to the publisher of this one by clicking on the cover.



Gay Expression

Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics 1

Fitness, Acrobatics and Gymnastics 2

Content should be self-evident, but the latter two include wrestling as well.

These three pages are now full (unwieldy to load if expanded further) but new ones will be added soon – watch this space!

Thanks for following (if you do) and, if viewed on Tumblr, the links might not work so check out directly!


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