By way of a change, a short selection of a dozen curious pictures – all sports and fitness related in some way, but somewhat different from what is normally posted in this blog or found on the associated pages.

Before you ask, “I don’t know”. The karate boys come from a short collection called ‘Underwater Sports’, only one of which involves actual swimmers, but I forgotten where I long ago found them. This one is definitely the best. I hope that you enjoy them and what follows: the next one isn’t exactly fitness, but I include it for the extremely odd behaviour of the guy holding the camera and the camera angle…

I first thought that the next one was some kind of double act, but I think it is just a coincidence how it worked out:

This next one is simply the end of a tough triathlon, but this shot from friend Pavl Rycl in the Czech republic just kind of catches our eye:

Another ‘chance’ (?) encounter during training:


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Oh, and maybe a little plug for the latest novel (lonely outcast orphaned gay boy seeks out the wider world and his lost love…):

…whilst the earlier three can be obtained by contacting me directly at

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4 Responses to Curiosities

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The underwater photo is likely an attempt at some very creative photography. It actually works. If it isn’t photoshopped, the boys must have undergone a lot of training before the shot was made. Kudos to all if it’s real.

  2. Brian Davidson says:
    • tonycavanagh says:

      I was going to add to Platinum boy’s comment that it is very clear from the rest of the set I have (position of clothing etc) that the pictures are genuine. I just selected the karate boys as my favourite to re-post. Brian beat me to it with his info, so thanks for the response. It is good too to be able to give an appropriate credit for these remarkable images. Brian’s link gives some pictures that I have not seen before but, equally, I have some that are not shown there, so maybe I will post some more soon. It would be good to locate the original webpage I guess, where the complete set might be found.

    • Platinumboy says:

      It’s an amazing collection. Again,kids usually don’t have the patience/training/endurance for such a “sitting”.

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