Shirtless Wrestling? Look No Further…

Enjoy these lads, and 100 more wrestling pictures (for starters!) on the newly created WRESTLING GALLERY #1 (Click here). You will not find much ‘high-school’ wrestling there… rather submission, shirtless, and barefoot where I can find them. Occasionally some surprises.

There will be some occasional nude wrestling too (not yet) but nothing ‘porn’ style – just guys having fun while wearing nothing they don’t need to. As in that second picture, material from specific wrestling sites, acknowledged more fully on the page.

Once again, I remind you that I have already added some new pages covering gay themes and there is a lot more on general fitness, gymnastics and acrobatics with more to follow.

So, check out the index at the top of the page, and away you go!

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Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to Shirtless Wrestling? Look No Further…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Stark Naked. Outdoors. Sun with lots of oil. Maybe a good downpour. Not a woman in sight. Naturism at its best.

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