These Boys Got What They Wanted!

…and are proud to share it with us!

Some inspiration here! Enjoy:

That hard work in the gym pays off…

Looks like he got a bit sweaty in the process, too.

That’s model Alam Wernik

As you’re half-way through this post, you’re likely going to carry on scrolling down and, hopefully, explore all the older posts and the separate pages featuring fit guys in various activities (wrestling, gymnastics, acrobatics, training, etc. etc. as well a gentle [non-porn] exploration of the gay lifestyle). Enjoy.

I’d just like to take a moment of your time to widen the scope of your adventure, by promoting four of my books which cover similar things. Words on a page can be just as much fun as pictures on a screen. The best way in is this one:

…orphaned gay Native American boy, friendless and outcast, sets off in search of his future. Maybe that could be rediscovering his gay love: maybe it is something else altogether. He has a mischievous spirit guide to help him – sometimes prairie dog, sometimes neo-wolf, with a cute line in repartee… could be a bit of a tear-jerker. Clicking on the cover gives a link, but you can also get it direct from me by e-mailing

There are three earlier (and gayer) books, forming a trilogy about finding gay love, enjoying sport, circus and performance, and getting into trouble. These are now ONLY available direct from me because their publisher went into liquidation. Large discounts on the published price available, and I can get them mailed anywhere in the world. So, once again, – it all helps to keep these pages up and running.

Please support us!

And now, back to the boys with something of their own to show off about…

‘Wanna show off your body?’

Sure. Why don’t go and stand in front of a graffiti-ed rusty old train truck and pull my pants down while you take the picture…?’

If you must go down to the train tracks to have your muscle pic taken, I suggest that you keep a good lookout…

Back up against a mirror is probably safer, and more fun for us… we get to see a bit more!

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5 Responses to These Boys Got What They Wanted!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    RE: Train Pix You’re right about the train. In January 2015 in California fitness model George Plitt Jr. was being filmed for a commercial. His job was to run between the rails ahead of the Metrolink Antelope Valley commuter Train. The stunt was for a promo video for his website. He was killed. A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of teen boys, perhaps inspired by the movie “Stand By Me”, tried to outrun a Metra commuter train. One boy’s body was found immediately. The other body was found three weeks later. That boy had been thrown into the creek beneath the bridge. Heavy rain had swollen the creek. The body was sped downstream several miles before a passerby found the body.

    Even professionally trained people are vulnerable. An experienced Chicago narcotics officer last year was watching a drug sale next to a rail line. He was considered to be a safe distance from the tracks, but a fast moving freight train sucked him under its wheels.

    Earlier this year, two young Chicago police officers were pursuing a shooting suspect on foot. The suspect jumped onto a rail bridge in the neighborhood shared by Metra and freight traffic. The suspect was later charged with the murder of the officers, who were both struck by the same Metra train, leaving young families behind.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      I find it hard to understand how a murder charge could stick for the Chicago police officers. Anyone who willfully and deliberately strays onto the rail tracks – for whatever reason – surely does so at their own risk. Sympathy for their families, obviously: under British law (which is the only one I know about – and not much!) I think they might try ‘manslaughter’ (a lesser charge) but trespass on railways is a big issue in UK right now with very intense rail traffic, and the police are coming down on it heavily themselves. There are huge fines if you are caught on CCTV and identified.

      • Platinumboy says:

        I must have misstated the case. It was the suspect who was charged in the death of the two police officers. Laws vary by state. In most states including Illinois a suspect is held responsible fpr the death of a police officer in pursuit of any suspect. That is why all people stopped or pursued by police should stop what they are doing drop whatever is in their hands and freeze. I would rather replace my cell phone or other device than be shot over a misunderstanding.

        That said even if the person were otherwise innocent of a crime fleeing police is illegal in itself. Thus the death of an officer in pursuit of a subject is a serious crime often treated as murder.

        Statutes vary by state.

        Back to trains though. The point is to stay away from tracks. I guess it is a man versus machine thing though. I can’t recall seeing a photo of a nude woman on RR tracks.

      • tonycavanagh says:

        No, I understood correctly. Over here, if the suspect ‘lured’ officers on to the tracks, the officers would be responsible for their own safety. We read (because we are in Portugal right now, not UK) that police and other emergency services in UK are getting criticized for NOT entering into dangerous situations in order not to prejudice their own safety. We even had cases where members of the public have dived into flood water to save lives when police and fire teams were ordered not to and stood watching. Funny world…

  2. Platinumboy says:

    Good news, though, in America. Trump has made a proclamation promoting Gay Pride Month and praising the contributions of the LGBTQ community. Chicago now has its first openly gay (lesbian) mayor.

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