More Gymnasts! More Handstands! More Stuff!

53302411_359243961351222_8551326697702876308_nAs recently promised, I have uploaded 25 images of the boys in Andrey Telitsyn’s gym in Chelyabinsk on the Gymnastics Gallery #1 page. Then there are 16 new handstands to be found at Handstand Central.Yes – Chelyabinsk again, for the first one (repeated here!).

hs F

Then, if that’s not enough, there are ten additional Gently Gay images to be found on that page!

But I’m not done yet! Since flexibility is all part of gymnastics (along with strength [especially handstands] and endurance), we’ll continue here with 20 extremely flexible guys (including a few ballerinos for those who enjoy that sort of thing).


flex ring split

flex tumblr_pailurpTRB1rtjbzwo3_1280


flex tumblr_poxhqhDOiM1vfrjk9o1_1280

perf tumblr_potzkzxvLD1sxiuywo1_500

flex tumblr_pp5cwnxRd21wkhv1vo1_640

flex tumblr_pp7hozbMHt1s2fjeto1_1280

flex tumblr_pq2lhaz6eK1sxiuywo1_1280

flex tumblr_pq5pnqg1Le1r7kwwno1_500

flex tumblr_pq6b8xGDHm1v5zigj_1280

flex tumblr_pq67xofAdl1s2fjeto1_1280

flex tumblr_pqantr34rH1w615vk_500

flex tumblr_pqix3yu9hQ1sxiuywo1_540

flex tumblr_pr6tp9K9oh1r3l65v_500

flex tumblr_pr8f4wiojh1r3l65v_500

flex tumblr_prawdljAZf1r3l65v_500

flex tumblr_pri8fi25uK1rms6n4_500

flex tumblr_prr8yiqPj41r3l65v_500

flex tumblr_ps661icWwM1r7kwwno1_640

flex tumblr_ps6612u05z1r7kwwno1_640

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