Two By Two

Today we celebrate more twosomes – both loving (as left and in the other 13 new images added to the Caring and Sharing page (click here)); and twosomes just having fun together (sometimes even in a ‘fitness/acrobatic’ sort of way!) – below in this post. Enjoy:

(Yep, that one is from the 1940s!)

(OK, they’re just in the bathroom together. But hey look pretty fit to me)

(That’s Andrey :  next we can see his partner working a little harder – and Andrey’s triceps a little more clearly…)

And 3 shots from the Chelyabinsk gym squad:

…but maybe these two aren’t having so much fun…??!!


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1 Response to Two By Two

  1. platinumboy says:

    The last one reminds me of the old tumblr from petebrownuk focusing on slave fantasy. He would doctor a photo to make it look like the subject was enslaved and make up a story. Sometimes it would be an undoctored photo with a story attached. Interesting fantasy and harmless if just that, and that fantasy is your thing.

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