Updates to Pages – and Some Wet Boys Here!

In addition to the wet boys featured in this post, I’ve added 14 new handstands at Handstand Central Gallery 1 (click here) …

14 new wrestle pics at Wrestling Gallery 1 (click here)

and three small amusements at Gently Gay (click here)… go explore! Meanwhile back to the wet guys:

That’s an original pose for a wet boy!

Enjoyed? Great. You’re welcome! Now reward me just a little: buy a book! Click on this cover or contact me at gymacrobat@gmail.com for more information about the first three books and how to get them. And now, leaving the best till last maybe?

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Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to Updates to Pages – and Some Wet Boys Here!

  1. platinumboy says:

    Relative to your “gay” ads: I recently watched Lorna Luft’s biopic of her mother on youtube. In reference to one of Judy Garland’s events (wedding maybe?), Lorna quotes Judy as saying, “You should have been there; it was very gay.” In a Bob Hope sketch from the 50s, Bob sees Desi Arnaz in a frilly getup and pauses to say, “Oh, that’s nice! Very gay, indeed!”

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