Fit for Purpose

Whatever the sport: acrobatics, gymnastics, bodybuilding, athletics, wrestling, swimming, street workout… … you succeed best if you craft your body and make it fit for purpose. Strength, flexibility… This post celebrates those guys who are proudly showing us that the have been doing exactly that!

The weights gym is clearly an ideal base!

Don’t forget we have other pages on this site celebrating all of this – go explore!

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Zillions of photos included in all the previous blog posts, too!

A healthy diet helps – though we’re not sure about this one…

…perhaps this guy’s diet is more suitable?

Always more fun to train with a like-minded friend…

…these lads clearly share the same goals!

But back to showing off individual development:

Not really much point in that vest, is there. Most guys don’t wear one for posing!

…and definitely not when showing off in the open air…

Some guys like supplements…

…we don’t, as it happens. With most of the guys who post themselves on the net, you can’t be sure.

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to get going …

…and you don’t have to be in the desert!

Just the simple push-up works wonders:

…which can turn into more adventurous exercises as you slowly improve:

9 is a good age to start regular training – bodyweight first, then carefully supervised weights. If not watched, they’ll go too heavy and potentially cause permanent damage. That said, some famous lifters, like Andrey Kostash, have been very successful: here’s a young picture of the intensity he trained:

Gymnastics is THE great sport for young boys to help their development:

Enough ‘chat’ for moment. Enjoy some more pictures without commentary:

Some young lads enjoy showin’ off for their mates at home:

(and if what you’ve got is as good as his, why not?!!)

And, of course, the art of the selfie!

Yep, bathroom mirrors are popular for that!

…although we do wish that people would not include their toilet seats! I’ll spare you that.

Perhaps this is the ultimate selfie?

I notice that I have wandered ‘off topic’ again. It happens.

Some people regard ‘bodybuilding’ as a bit gay, although I have one book on the subject in which the author rather pugnaciously asserts that he has never met a gay bodybuilder. Rubbish: we have, lots. In fact, we must ‘fess up to being a gay couple ourselves – but then anyone who has read my first three books will be well aware of that, since they cover our gay love affair mixed in with our sports, circus touring and assorted adventure. As their publisher has now gone into liquidation, you can get them direct from me at

There is a fourth book – total fiction – orphaned gay lad goes out into the world to find – something (he’s not sure what): different publisher, still functioning, a better introduction to my writing I think and you can also get it direct from me as well.

Without giving to much away, a fifth book is also half finished. Another boy, another trek. This one isn’t gay, by the way. This is only a spoiler if you already read Let The Future Find Me, but I will say that, of the two, one boy ends up ‘happily ever after’ while the other only does so in a manner of speaking.

There is no suggestion that the remaining fit lads on these pages are gay – nor in any post, except perhaps for those couples who make it obvious – see the Caring and Sharing page (click here) and its forerunner (now full) Gay Expression (click here)  which also contains other images likely to appeal to the gay clientele, as does the current Gently Gay (click here) but don’t go looking for porn because you won’t find it.

And now for some more fit lads as promised.

And a quartet to make a great finale for the post!

Enjoy the exploration of the site. If you like what you find, please support the site by buying some books. And feel free to leave comments, either here or via e-mail to




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