Fighting Kids

Kids + mud… and a greasy pole and pillows as well! Looks great fun.

‘Fighting Kids’ is also a website (pay site) featuring South African teens wrestling and foot-fighting – I’ve just posted some of them in an update on the WRESTLING GALLERY #1 page (click here) along with some more mud, snow and oil captures.

The ‘Fighting Kids’ also love flexing, posturing and mucking about, so here are some more of them that don’t really fit into ‘Wrestling’ as such: obviously ‘set-ups’ by their photographer, but fun:

Moving on:

Bigger ‘kids’! …

Obviously this closing image is a set-up to sell underwear (I usually avoid posting those, but….):



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4 Responses to Fighting Kids

  1. platinumboy says:

    It’s good to see kids having good, clean (if messy) fun. Plus, I hope they learn good self defense along the way. Hows the family doing, BTW?

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Glad you approve. I worry slightly about posting under-age kids, but these ones are all over the net anyway. As to family, yes, thanks for asking. All is fine (the kids are with us right now) and I will perhaps say something in the next blog post. I have drifted away from a boring diary of ‘Cavanagh and C’o here, however, except if something really unexpected happens.

  2. Ahmad Tawil says:

    Hello,how we can watch full videos

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Find Kevin Wrest of Facebook: he has posted almost all of them. Select his videos files. To download, open the individual videos on Facebook, copy the address it shows in the address bar and paste into a new Mozilla Firefox tab. Click. You will see a small version of the original Facebook post in another new tab. Click on the start button on the video. This will open yet another new tab running a small size of the video. Right click on the video itself and select ‘Save File’… and direct it wherever you want. The download speed is very slow, and may be interrupted, but you can re-start where it leaves off if you don’t wait too long. Good luck!

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