Two Of Each…

Two of each… acrobats (as here, Jack Atherton beneath, not sure who on top)), and 28 new images of gay couples CARING AND SHARING on the separate page that celebrates gay love (click here). As I constantly try and remind everyone, there are numerous pages on this site now covering acrobatic sports, gentle gay themes (no porn) and so forth. Go explore.

Now lets re-join our acrobatic pairs:

(OK, the top there is a girl, but we’ll let that pass… especially as the next partner is a dog…)

Let’s finish with an oldie!


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1 Response to Two Of Each…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The ninth photo down in caring and sharing is a favorite because it is a rooftop pool. The water cascades over the roof. It is from a series of photos from the old website about “freshman”, not the old mag. This website was located in Arizona according to some people. This was the website a certain Iowa college wrestler posed for and got kicked off the team. Fratboys, maybe?

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