Starting Out – and an Appeal

Let’s introduce 12yo Instagrammer “kikboxer.mark” from Russia (yep, that’s how he spells it) with a couple of his gym buddies:

A boy on a mission to get a great body. Some say kids shouldn’t lift weights until well into their teens. We disagree, provided that they start with body weight exercises and are then carefully supervised. No power lifting, for sure! So, let’s encourage the young. I’ll post some more of kikboxer.mark later in this post.

Quite a lot of gyms won’t let pre-teens on the premises at all, even when supervised. A pity.

Here’s another way to start young: street performance!

Kids who have figured out the natural strength and power of their bodies and the resilience of their skin and muscle to appear to endure serious pain and potential harm in order to make money. Of course, we should all by now know that any f us (and you) can do these things in return for just a little discomfort. But, if you need to make money for the family like the little Indian boy in the first photo, getting “crushed” between nails and glass by an obviously heavy bystander so someone can get a great photo, then why not? he doesn’t look particular bothered, does he. Just that he understands some simple physics principles, although he probably doesn’t even know that himself! And winding a steel rod around you neck does, we admit, need a little practice, but the principle is just the same. Know your body and what it can do – and train – that’s the principle of Kung Fu (by the way, I am writing about street-performing kids in my next book, although that is not the point of the story at all as it happens – but wait and see!).

So no surprise perhaps then, to see other guys being introduced to the broken glass on a beach somewhere – he doesn’t exactly look bothered, does he?

All you have to guard against is shards of glass sticking upwards – just run the flat of your hands over the glass bed before you lie or walk on it, and make sure that it is quite a thick bed if you want to jump on it barefoot – it then has resilience (some ‘give’ under your descending weight), and here the related science is ‘multiple load paths’. You see, fakir isn’t ‘fake’ – but neither is it magic! “You, too, can have a bed of glass like mine”, you might say…

Now here’s another thing. Young kids love to grapple! We say, you can’t start too young and, for those who would like to see more wrestling in general, please visit the WRESTLING GALLERY page! A not-quite-so-young lad in Rhode Island (17yo I think) who enjoys these pages has a problem. He would love to wrestle submission style and also would love to make and post wrestle photos – but surprisingly none of his friends are up for that. So, if you are within range of RI, a similar age, and are interested, let me know you details either as a comment here or (perhaps better) as a private e-mail to and I’ll pass them on to him.

Btw, just as linking up with people on the net can carry risks, so can staging fights for the camera… take care!

One presumes that these South African boys were carefully supervised during the shoot, but perhaps we’d be happier if they just wrestled for us.

OK, onwards. First, a few young lads who are obviously already into caring and developing their bodies: let’s wish them well!

That lad is keenly into his sport and proud to show us – here’s another of him:

Here’s one who doesn’t seem to mind the mud:

Then, taking it easy for moment…

Finally, some more of Mark.

He’s doing all the right things in those lifts, and is clearly under close and competent supervision. As all young’uns should be. And they’ve taught him how to pose, too!

Such determination.

Follow your dream, Mark, and good luck.


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