Yesterday I posted lots of twosomes. I thought that today we should count down from ten – so loads of fit lads here!


Firstly, ten gymnasts from Chelyabinsk ready to swim (including their coach Andrey Telitsyn)

Now some other team!


Down to nine gymnasts from Chelyabinsk this time (Still including the coach):

Yeah, they’re at the pool. But they’re still gymnasts! Back in their gym:

…and with a girl (not sure I can allow this!):

…dump the girl (and the coach!) and go outside to train:




Chelyabinsk lads seem to be rather prominent in this post:


Chelyabinsk guys again – sauna this time:


I’m ignoring the guy holding the camera in this one – ‘fives’ seem hard to find!



Last appearance of Chelyabinsk gymnasts!

TWO – some more – why not?

ONE – The Big Finish!

I think that this guy, near Sydney Harbour Bridge, deserves the final accolade today.

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2 Responses to Countdown

  1. Lampi[tm] says:

    if they make comfortable in the heat and put the shirt off, why do most of them wear long pants?

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