The Great Summer Outdoors

Sorry that posting has been a bit erratic over the last week – had rather a lot of things to sort out. Back on track now, I hope.

For most of the world it is high summer. Let’s get those shirts off and enjoy… 50 pix from beach/pool/sea/mountains/whatever! I’m not including street workout scenes today: plenty of those to come later.

That is one very clever shot!

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1 Response to The Great Summer Outdoors

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Loved the pix. One caveat for U. S. viewers is that with the constant rain, all rivers and creeks are dangerous. Two weeks ago three serious drownings occurred in the U. S. In one Florida incident, a family was walking along the beach a distance from the shore. The parents were with their three year old boy. As they were walking, a large wave crashed inland and grabbed the boy. The parents saved the boy, but the undertow drowned the Father. In my area, it is now illegal to enter the river to swim or wade in to fish. Even once-tranquil streams are fast-moving and dangerous. As with those three boys, never be alone. Also bring rescue gear–rope, boards, rings. Take a Red Cross CPR and/or lifeguard course. In my town, the local High School hosts these courses. It’s beautiful by the river, lake or ocean, but your friends want you back from the fun.

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