Biggest Ever Update

Hey look!!!!!!!

A feast of boys posted today – 13 doing gymnastics on the GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 (AND A FEW OTHERS IN THE BACKGROUND!); 15 handstand and planche pictures, some with both at once, in HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1, 15 loving couples in CARING AND SHARING, and 32 wrestle pics incuding some with 3 boys in WRESTLING GALLERY 1 (including some more of the very popular South African ‘fighting kids’). There are also a small number of new items on the GENTLY GAY page.

If that’s not enough for you, a few more groups:

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2 Responses to Biggest Ever Update

    • tonycavanagh says:

      For some reason I cannot get to this picture – the blog is blocked by Tumblr and when I managed to get in indirectly I cannot link to the picture from your link without defaulting to the ‘sensitive material’ message again. If you would care to download it and send it to I will make sure to post it!

      Thanks for following!

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