Those Muscles: What Are They FOR??

I assume that most readers of this blog and the associated pages favour the muscular male body and the sports that the guys do. Obviously, admiring oneself in a lift is kewl – the photographer must have been crammed in the corner to keep out of shot there! A selfie is maybe more practical:

But building the muscles to do what you want should be the motivation – we’re not into bodybuilding just for the sake of getting ever more grotesque.

Is it gymnastics you’re into?

…the go visit the updated GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 page and all the previous FITNESS etc ones (index at top of this page). Plenty more gymnasts in the historic blog posts, too.

Is it wrestling?

I’ve added 20 more images to WRESTLING GALLERY #2 (and don’t miss #1 while you’re at it!). Same applies to historic posts. And wrestlers also like to show off:


Right now, we continue here with guys who are clearly achieving their goals muscle-wise – and keen to show us!

(Nice shot of Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist from the Canadian side… with a show-off boy annoyingly blocking the view… … !)


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3 Responses to Those Muscles: What Are They FOR??

  1. Brian says:

    I too find the grotesque muscle builders a real turn-off. However, one does not only build muscle to “do” a sport. Stronger muscles are better for health reasons to support the bones and reduce injuries from lifting, for example. Of course the increased muscle mass that comes with increased strength is very attractive 😉

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    iameverywhere added a comment on this post which I have deleted because we try to keep everything here (as they say) “G rated”. Not to say we don’t agree with what he wrote, though, concerning the desirability of the young gentlemen featured!

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