‘Show a Leg!’ – We Aim to Please

A recent comment on an earlier post inspires today’s choices – most of which I had reserved to post for other themes or reasons. It seems that he likes legs – possibly very muscular ones which most of these are not. But we do our best!

Perhaps said correspondent will reward me by buying a book. Christmas is coming, and it is high time I refreshed my book adverts, especially as the first three are best available from me directly now that the publisher has gone under. Watch this space!


Let’s see if these will get past the tumblr/facebook filters… if not go to the originals at tonycavanagh.com:

Also there are LOADS of legs on the other pages… two wrestling galleries to go at (1) (2), a gymnastics gallery , and older mixed galleries too (3) (4)! Just go to the top of this page (if on tonycavanagh.com) – and those quads and thighs will be revealed!

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Born Northampton UK
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3 Responses to ‘Show a Leg!’ – We Aim to Please

  1. Rainer Lampatzer says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. I love your posts as the guys are cute and nicely build. I’m a fan of full frontal nudity for those guys at least 18 and older. Bare dick has so much to admire and taste so if you’re allowed to show it I’d love to see.

  3. Peter Ancell says:

    Thanks great posts

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