Pavl Rycl

I have just posted 63 images of gymnasts at work in training and warm-up on the GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 page. All come from the extraordinary work of sports photographer Pavl Rycl, whose own site at is well worth a visit. It covers many sports in addition to gymnastics. We are pleased to know him, having met him in competitions in Linz (Austria) and Brno (Czech Republic). Here’s an example of what you will find on the other page:

There are may more gymnastics images throughout this site – other pages and also in blog posts. Go explore. Index at top of page.

Separately, here are some examples of Pavl’s studio work. Mostly wrestlers from the Czech Republic I think: clearly sportsmen in strict training regimes. Good for them!


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2 Responses to Pavl Rycl

  1. These guys are awesome. I had no idea the workout for gymnasts is so grueling. I’ll also say I’d blow most of them as long as they’re at least eighteen.

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