Not Getting People’s Backs Up…

Regulars will realise that these pages are ‘gently’ gay-influenced but we hope that others can enjoy without us feeling we got their backs up, so to speak. Check out the latest update on the GENTLY GAY page to see what I mean.

And now, on the subject of backs, our coverage of those features in our promotion of physique training is rare (as are such images!) and so today’s blog post feature is exactly that – getting the back up front!

Here are three shots of Josh Bangean, whose ‘journey to greatness’ is documented on Facebook:

Those last two were the work of Pavl Rycl, whose gmynastics and studio images were the focus of the previous post.

So ignore the fact that the underside of my arms and the sides of my body are less tan than the front. But, I decided to deadlift some lightweight at home today (315 lbs) *That?s all the barbell weights I have at my house. And it went up like butter. I did a cheeky 4×10 with that weight and I feel good about it. Let me know if you think I should get back into deads ??

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