The Muscle Farm

Just been reading ‘The American Gods’ by Neil Gaiman, in which a gym establishment called Muscle Farm gets a couple of mentions: the ‘hero’ expects to get a job there upon leaving jail but it all goes spectacularly pear-shaped… Anyway, here is a large collection from a particular ‘Muscle Farm’ – I am unsure about copyright here so, if I am infringing something, please comment and I will do the necessary at once.

Flyies?? Oh well!

Can think of a better name for that, too…

Must be the first time I have devoted an entire post to one guy. However, he probably deserves it for putting up with all the photography! And the effort put in previously has clearly paid off… I assume he is ‘Omar Talki’ unless that is the name of the gym owner. Any information welcome: these came off Facebook.


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1 Response to The Muscle Farm

  1. bill luckey says:

    I believe that he is Pietro Boseli, dubbed the world’s sexiest math teacher

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