California Dreamin’

Dave and I are in SoCaL with our old mates Zach and Gary, plus Zach’s half-brother Emilio and his wife (yes!). Any readers of my books will be surprised to know not only that Zach and Emilio are still talking, but that Emilio is married. Pleased to find out that Zach and I can still balance on each other’s heads on one arm – wonder how long that will last!

SoCal sun can bring out the best in boys…

although right now it is very cloudy and not too warm either. We’re taking a break, as you will gather, before returning to Portugal for what may well be our final stint at the vacation centre. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in other news, I have updated WRESTLING GALLERY #2 and CARING AND SHARING, so go check those pages out. Some examples:

And now, just a few more excellent boys who may have befitted from Californian sunshine!

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1 Response to California Dreamin’

  1. I love SoCal! It never disappoints. Safe travels.

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