When We’re with Our Mates…

Camaraderie! Individual shirtlessness seems to get a very bad press these days, especially in USA where we are visiting. However, get two or more guys who are close friends together and the shirts tend to come off, especially in private – more relaxed, no particular implications… parties are an example, too, when the lads take off their tops to impress the girls I suppose. And, of course, some sports situations lead to the same result. Locker-room photos a specialty! And arms around the shoulders need signify nothing except “we’re great mates”.

Closer friends – sleep-overs?? – are often very comfortable just in their undies when hanging out in their rooms. Going barefoot often too. Here we celebrate these trends, which mostly have little to do with sexuality by the way. I try to avoid the obvious underwear ads, but some may slip through the net. enjoy.

(Actually, they’re twins, so I’m cheating a bit…)

(Two sets twins?)

The final two pictures are both acrobatic duos, where confidence and trust in each other are essential!

To enjoy gay couples, where love gets involved, visit the CARING AND SHARING page on this site. And then visit the rest.

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