It seems to be the beginning of the end! After the publisher of my first three books went bust ( have plenty copies for sale, though!), the publisher of Let The Future Find Me, which I think is my best book, has decided to ‘remainder’ the publication after failing abysmally to market the book itself. Thus, it will shortly become impossible to order the book via THE PUBLISHERS WEBSITE.  Indeed, they have invited me to buy (yes, BUY) copies of my own book before they pulp the rest.

Actually, the next book is half finished, but I think I am going to quit on being an author. It is all very depressing. Here, to cheer me up (and, I hope, some of you), are a few cheerful boys!

Btw: anyone who wants a book (or bookS) at discounted prices, contact me through

Amazing how few of the hundreds of images I have ready to post shows a smile! Maybe their books have been remaindered, too.



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