To Hell With The Virus – Let’s Have Fun with Our Mates!

Thousands upon thousands die of respiratory-related diseases every year with no-one really noticing. suddenly we have this crazy panic. We take the view – you’ve got to die of something, and no-one wants to die healthy…

…we hear reports of gyms being closed, even in countries with almost no cases of Coronavirus. In my parents day, the idea was to get all the kids infected with everything as quickly as possible so they all had a mild case and then got immunity. That seems to be the policy here – for the moment: guests are still arriving into the country and into our resort: what most of them are scared of is whether they will be allowed back in to their own countries after their vacation!

Meanwhile, I am also updating our CARING AND SHARING page with more loving (and close!) gay couples – it seems kind of appropriate, in the circumstances.

Stay happy and live your life.

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1 Response to To Hell With The Virus – Let’s Have Fun with Our Mates!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Hooray for you using a picture of an athletic young man with a prosthetic leg. I have always encouraged people with “disabilities” to work and play as if they had all their body parts and they all functioned properly. It started with my Father’s ex-wife. She was born with one hand. She was an expert woodworker and worked a full time job as an office worker for an insurance company. I was born in 1964. Adults and children with polio were common. I never treated them any differently than anybody else because my parents never did. No comments were made because those with polio were common and thus “normal”, whatever that is. Growing up, I knew several people with various “disabilities” that never seemed to “disable” them. I can also remember a particular photograph from my teen years. I think it was a Mapplethorpe photo. The photo portrayed a muscular, fit man. He was blonde and sculpted. He stood on a cliff naked in the sun. His left leg was amputated to the hip. He steadied himself on a crutch. He was magnificently beautiful. I hope you show more of these types of athletes. I think the paralympics are annual. Even the wheelies can have impressive builds.

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