Happy Guys

Not always easy to be happy in the present lockdown, so some more cheerful guys to keep our spirits up. Fit and sporty guys obviously. Some doing their thing, some just chillin’


(Well, at least one of them looks happy…)

I am amazed how many pictures of UNsmiling fit guys I had to go through to find these happy lads. It seems to be an unwritten rule that to show off your fine body you have to be at the very least expressionless, if not downright dour!

Gymnasts are almost always happy! Here’s a few (at play as well as in gym) to finish off.




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3 Responses to Happy Guys

  1. fpperryaz@gmail.com says:

    Nice post. Thanks 😊

    With time on my hands I just created my own site of Eye Candy, http://www.franksplace.xyz

    I guess I can still be creative at 80.

    Frank in Phx

  2. Platinumboy says:

    I have heard that many photographers insist that their subjects look serious. One friend has said many photographers insist “This ain’t Disney!”. However, I believe the opposite is true. Unless one is telling a story through the photos, a serious or unhappy expression states, I’m not happy with what I’ve accomplished!” In the end, smile and be happy! By the way, being naked is a big plus, too.

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