Home Training? Handstands! And Weights, Obviously.

Confined to the house? Well, there’s something you could train to while away the time! I just added 20 more handstands to HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 – and there’s a huge amount of inspiration on that page! Just check out what this little Japanese boy can do…

Balance on knuckles, straddle up, push-ups… wow!

Here’s a couple of tasters from the new handstand additions:

Some new inspirational weights pictures follow:


(Yes, you are a weight!)


I’ve not shown guys using  professional equipment today, since you most likely won’t have that at home.  OK, he’s sitting or standing in front of some, but you know what I mean. And, lastly, once again, don’t forget to make use of your own bodyweight…



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3 Responses to Home Training? Handstands! And Weights, Obviously.

  1. Platinumboy says:

    For your handstand gallery: I watched a documentary on Yul Brynner last night. One of his friends stated that, at the age of sixty, Yul Brynner could still do a one-handed handstand with pushups! I believe it because I saw Yul at the Aerie Crown Theater in Chicago performing the King and I during his final tour. Despite cancer and severe laryngitis, he never performed better. Rock Brynner says he provided his Father’s singing voice. Do you think that you could locate at least a still, if not video, of 60 year old Brynner doing that handstand/pushup?

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