More Clicks – More Pics

Visitor numbers to this blog and its associated pages are rising very noticeably since lots of folk went into lockdown. So, if the pictures are cheering people up when you have nothing better to do (and your fitness training is done for the day), here we go again!

Let’s focus on the younger set, devoted to their fitness programmes.

The next eight pictures all feature a young Russian lad ‘Mark’, aged 12, who is clearly training as a bodybuilder and kickboxer. His instagram is ‘kikboxer.mark’ (spelt exactly like that) and he has YouTube features under the watchful eye of ‘Andrey Muscle’ who blocks most of them from being downloaded (which I am obliged to say you shouldn’t do anyway…ahem) because Andrey sells longer vids… oh well! Here’s to ‘Mark’ and some of his mentors:

And now back to ‘miscellaneous’:

(That’s Giuliano Stroe, now into boxing, one-time one of the famous strong Italian kids: his brother Claudio also features in their many YouTube muscle hits since they were very young)

And finally (for this post)…

…anyone might think that I was American. Well, we lived there a long time, but exceedingly glad we’re not there now!

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