Time On Our Hands

…which means that I have updated the HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 !

I have also added a load more gymnasts at GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 (soon be time to start up #2 I think).

And, while I was at it, I put in some new material on GENTLY GAY as well.

One of the ‘gymnasts’ pictures qualifies for handstands and weight trainers as well, so I repeat it here:

…and now we can continue this post in a suitable theme. Things to might like to be doing to keep ourselves fit in he open air, while we cannot do what we normally love to do.

Well, that looks like a long way down with just a fingertip grip!

Finally for today, something to cheer you up (or convince you that we’re nuts) – Dave found it on Facebook. Well, he thinks its funny (and yes, he did exactly what it says.





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1 Response to Time On Our Hands

  1. tomhakim32 says:

    Awesome nice looking young guys without any tattoos, I hate them. and hairless bodies.

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