Household Pets

Right now you’re probably in ‘lockdown’ and hopefully with someone you love – like the 20 couples I just added to the CARING AND SHARING page.

And I guess that wrestling is out – unless it is also with someone in your own household! Anyways, I put up some more wrestlers on WRESTLING GALLERY #2.

If you are of the gay disposition, you might also enjoy a small update at GENTLY GAY.

Continuing briefly on  that theme for the remainder of this post, I offer a few more ‘household pets’ which you might find to be agreeable company! In fact the first one, which I just put on Gently Gay anyway, is a lovely pencil drawing (Artist Javier Arizabalo, from Spain – thanks to Brian for that information so quickly provided when this was first posted!) and well worthy of repeating here.

And now some more nice pets:


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2 Responses to Household Pets

  1. Brian Davidson says:

    The pencil drawing is by a Spanish artist by the name of Javier Arizabalo. As well as a sketch artist, he is known for his hyper-realistic oil paintings.

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    Thanks so much for that information. Much appreciated. I will be crediting him properly now.

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