We Need To Be Flexible About Our Training…

…in these weird times. Here’s some exceptionally flexible boys to start with!

(Love the way the briefs match the piano…)

The next three pictures feature a Russian acrobat and street workout enthusiast called Dmitri Brodyagin:

My two GYMNAST PAGES (#1 AND #2) as well as earlier pages and posts contain many impressive flexible guys – so go enjoy! In fact, 15 new images have just been added to #2 – here is a taster:

That’s a demo of the Diamidov turn… and this next example of a gymnast tumbling in the park is definitely in our ‘flexible’ category!

Finally, for those of you into mildly gender-flexible stuff (i.e. GENTLY GAY), there is a little new material added there too! For example:

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3 Responses to We Need To Be Flexible About Our Training…

  1. Bailoir Smith says:

    Hi tony ive only just happen to discover this intriguing website it is exceptional and you have a very unique and special talent well done busy at moment can’t wait to see more! ✈️

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for the kind words, mate! Lots of old posts and other pages to explore. Hope you like: comments always welcome. Maybe one day I could even interest you in a book (or four)!! Trust that you are fit and well in these weird times.

      • Bailoir Smith says:

        Hi tony thanks for the response appreciated i only follow the bestwebsite so take that as a compliment because i raise the bar very high and with corona virus i dont where yiur situated in the world at present but if yourcin a state where your just about to come into spring or summer you will be in a better predicment than i am at present because we are in autumn at the moment ans winter fast approaching so uncertain times ahead it will be a waiting game and a dayvby day proposition thats why you have to live for the moment and treat every day like it your last because you could be hear today and gone tomorrow i always trytotall people don’t waist life life is about living and so precious thats why i dont take second best! ✈️

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