A Bit of ‘Fun’ Stuff

A bit of a mash-up today. Stay cheerful!

Take your pick!

The neck hang from a steel bar can be quite painful. This Korean hang is less so…

…although hanging by the wrists is quite tough too…

This show-off wrestler has something worth showing off..

This guy too…

A sign of the times…

Thumbing a lift…

Feel all chained up…

…never mind: we’re all in this together…


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Born Northampton UK
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1 Response to A Bit of ‘Fun’ Stuff

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I recognized the location of the Testicle Festival. It’s held in my home state. Apparently, turkey testicles are quite the delicacy in Huntley, a top producer of turkeys in my nation. I have heard that hog testicles are popular, also. They are considered an expensive delicacy in Europe, supposedly on the menu is some pretty exclusive European restaurants. The idea of roasted testicles from any male is not for me. However, I am a “meat and potatoes” guy from the American midwest. In the recent past, I had the opportunity to sample some Welsh recipes made in America. Maybe they weren’t made right (My Grandfather was born in Wales in 1867, but Mom never cooked Welsh food.), but I didn’t like any of the fare. That birth year is correct, but I am far younger than that date makes me appear.

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