Now What Are YOU Doing Today?

Training at home?

I’ve put a load of new handstanders on the HANDSTAND CENTRAL GALLERY #1 page.

Continuing your fitness training with a mate (or two) that is conveniently in lockdown with you?

I don’t often give links to YouTube on this page, but one training video newly posted really grabbed our attention. Although the boys are a bit younger than I normally post, it is an OK video though. 3 Russian teen kickboxers train together, under the instruction of the eldest one: stretching, kicking, weights and bodyweight exercises… and about 38 minutes of it to enjoy:  The title is ‘Little Champions…’

If you’re one of those people who would like to store YouTubes on your own devices without getting messy spyware on your systems, but don’t know how, contact me at We do it to be able to use the vids in a training gym which doesn’t have WiFi – and there is always the risk, of course, that things can get deleted.

What else might be up to if you are in lockdown with your actual (gay) partner? Check out the new stuff on the CARING AND SHARING page. Here’s a taster…

Hmmm. What else? If your gay or straight but don’t mind some fun stuff about being gay, take a quick look at our GENTLY GAY page, which I have also updated, again with this taster:

Oh well. Maybe we just have a weird sense of humour.

Maybe you are spending the time smearing oil on to one another… and I don’t necessarily mean just Turkish wrestlers (the testicles send me in this direction by the way, and if you have no idea what I mean go back to the GENTLY GAY page, or an earlier post about five days ago) – so some nice oily boys, some for wrestling, some for posing, some maybe because they just get turned on by it…

Well, that’s got that off our chests – or maybe on it, depending on where you stand. Or perhaps you prefer peanut butter. Don’t ask, but there is a really funny clip, also on YouTube, about a teen boy left home alone… and no, you will have to find that link for yourselves!

Without doubt, though, the sheen does highlight great musculature, as does a good sweat following hard training. And then, where better to relax, if you are lucky to have access to one at the moment, is the sauna:

We’ll sign off for today with some nicely sweaty and shiny boys who have had their opportunity to train hard but didn’t make it to the shower or sauna yet. It’s a great feeling, after the endorphin/adrenaline rush… exercise is for sure highly commended, however you get to do it under the present situation! Enjoy!

Do you agree that the sweat enhances the sculpture effect of a well-toned body? This final group does contain one body we, as trainers, would like to take a shot at improving – but you can’t win ’em all, and I bet he’s a great heavyweight!


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1 Response to Now What Are YOU Doing Today?

  1. Platinumby says:

    The day did start off with twenty-five not-so-perfect squats and ill end the same. Now it’s time to walk a mile while wearing a 24 lb. weight vest. On youtube, check out Yul Brynner, the Man Who was King at 31:39-32:06 to see a magnificent older man water skiing and doing a one-handed handstand/pushup. Maybe you can take a video of the video and use it as a GIF.

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