“Check This Out!”

Isn’t that what so many guys are saying when they post their fitness results for us to admire? Let’s do it together!

Is it just me, or does it annoy when selfie-posters have covered up a lot of the body they want to show off?

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1 Response to “Check This Out!”

  1. Platinumby says:

    I agree with you: A jock strap is all a guy needs to wear. However, it depends where you are. Where I live, taking a selfie in the locker room is essentially illegal, especially if one is in a high school or fitness center locker room. All these bathroom selfies? They may be taking a risk. Here in America some parents just don’t understand all that goes into male cameraderie. I recently saw a couple of old Dear Abby letters about male nudity. One was from the sixties, another from the 90s apparently. A mother from the sixties expressed shock when a neighbor at a summer lake cabin her family owned invited them for a weekend bbq. The other family’s boys (all teens) swam nude with their sisters, who wore suits. The boys convinced her own son to join the boys naked. Then the oldest boy escorted the still-shocked Mom to the picnic bench–The boy was still stark naked. The other letter was from a Grandmother raising her grandson. He and his friends liked to hang out at the grandparents’ house wrestling, showering together and playing video games naked in front of her. Granny was appalled. Grandpa told her it was normal. Abby said each case was normal male behavior, but if my Mom and many Moms today knew the extent of male nudity among their sons and friends, they may express the same attitude my Mom did–stay away from those boys. What you could do through your blog is to encourage boys to have the discussion with Mom and Dad that male nudity is normal and OK. “It’s not sexual, we’re just checking out our muscles! Relax, guys, it’s not the end of the world!” But I still hear that here in America, a certain percentage of street kids are ones who have been kicked out of the house because their parents don’t get the nudity issue or can’t accept their child’s homosexuality.

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