Summer’s Coming…

…and we’ll all be out there, won’t we!

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3 Responses to Summer’s Coming…

  1. Platinumby says:

    It’s nice to see photos of people enjoying summer activities. This year and next, it will be forbidden in Illinois according to Gov. Pritzker. According to the Chicago Tribune, he won’t open the state completely until a vaccine is approved. Until then, no school (except online), no nothing. Nearly every activity is forbidden. Even criticizing these decisions with science is forbidden. We could lose our jobs– if we have them. This happens by forcing businesses to follow the Governor’s orders. Object? No job. Most outdoor activity (except for approved exercise) is prohibited and may land one in jail. And Pritzker will control when people can come and go according to “science”. Meanwhile, John Gieske, head of Sweden’s CDC from 1995-2005 and later head of the EU CDC, stated to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the paper upon which America and other countries are basing their caronavirus decisions was never peer-reviewed. “I don’t think that any other scientific endeavor has made such an impression on the world as that rather debatable paper.” It’s very sad to be under virtual house arrest, though we’ve committed no real crimes. Meanwhile, Iowa, Indiana and Missouri are nearly fully open. Thanks for letting me express myself. North Dakota’s governor says she trusts her residents to be socially responsible without widespread restrictions but with education. I wish it were the same way here. I want everybody to be healthy, but we are intelligent enough to take care of ourselves.

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    You do seem to be in a weird State! Only one set of ‘science’ can apply, and it must influence each of your States in the same way. so decisions are being made on the basis of biased thought and lack of understanding. But wait – isn’t this how Trump operates!!?

    This is not really the place to debate this, but in UK (home country, although we’re currently ‘exiled’ in Portugal), the chief influencer of government (epidemiologist) has just resigned after being caught out breaking his own lockdown rules. People are starting to resent what the UK police are doing – such as keeping people off beaches (where they can perfectly well socially distance) – and, I predict, unrest will increase. As, I suspect, it will in Illinois! Hadn’t realised that was where you were (for some reason we had you down as NJ), so I wait to hear news of your uprising!

    • Platinumby says:

      What I said was true. I guess I am just letting off steam, which you said was OK. I am an active person and being trapped in a one-bedroom apartment while going from a schedule where I was working every day is a bit much. By the way, Illinois is Democrat-controlled. Most of the Republican-controlled states are opening up quickly or were never closed. Those states have low COVID incidence rates. The Speaker of the Illinois House has been in power since 1970. The Mayor of Chicago cannot be elected unless he/she is Democrat (some very good) and the Governors have been both. I just am frustrated because going outside can be a big risk legally. But it’s great to see photos of people outdoors! Show lots of them for us involuntarily stuck indoors. That’ll make me happy. Let’s keep fit when we are indoors.

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