Doubling Up

If you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with a partner – great! If not, you’ll have to use your imagination. Wrestling, for example, seems likely to be off the agenda for a while:

…so you might go and check out the update on the WRESTLING GALLERY #2 page – not to say #1 as well!

This next is also wrestling but could equally double up as a demo on inverted ab crunchies!

I have also updated our CARING AND SHARING page with some lovely couples – and there are loads more items of a gay disposition if you go and explore all the other pages (and include GENTLY GAY for a bit of a laugh)!

AND, for good measure, a few more couples doing their assorted ‘thing’:

Yep, that one’s for sure on ‘CARING AND SHARING! Meanwhile, of a less sexual nature…

(I assume they’re friends…)



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2 Responses to Doubling Up

  1. Platinumby says:

    Lately when I see a guy hanging from a rock and it looks like he is dangerously high up, I have wondered whether its is an optical illusion based on how the photo was framed. I wonder if the “hanger” is actually several inches from the ground as opposed to many feet from the ground. Whether illusion or fact, it does suggest adventure. For the rail junkies, I hope somebody has a train schedule.

  2. Mitchell says:

    💁 Wow! I’m speechless…😅

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