Gymnastics Builds Strength from an Early Age… well as flexibility. See the update on GYMNASTS GALLERY #2. Examples below. Don’t forget GYMNASTS GALLERY #1 and also many other gymnastics pix on other pages on this site!

Now what else shall I post today? This young man on the beach for a start:

…maybe he should have made it on to the Gymnasts page anyway! Ditto this lad with a fine planche:

I’m not sure whether this next young man is a gymnast or not, so let’s put him here:

…maybe a wrestler. In an arena, anyway. And this young man is definitely built like a gymnast, even if he prefers surfing:

Young Mark has no hesitation in building up and then showing off his muscles:

Even young swimmers understand the importance of arm and upper-body strength for swimming crawl… and are obviously enjoying getting it…

Some say that lifting when too young stunts growth. Not true, if done wisely:

Did I say ‘flexibility’? Ballet boys and acrobats show us how:

Evan Adams combines both bodybuilding and acrobatic fun:

As a gymnastic/acrobatic coach there are things there I would hope to improve on (not least, shift the loose bricks and put a mat down by the wall, just in case)… but fun anyways! Enough for now – c u next time.

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1 Response to Gymnastics Builds Strength from an Early Age…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I was glad to see all the young boys featured in today’s blog. Hopefully, young boys will see these photos and feel encouraged to talk to Mom and Dad about investing in them at a young age and send them to gymnastics school to practice physical fitness at a young age, regardless of gender. I would imagine that part of the issue is cost. My parents always rejected my pleas to learn gymnastics based on the imagined cost. They never looked into it. I also decided to look up US Olympic gymnasts and found Paul Hamm as the only US Olympic medalist listed while Eastern Europeans seemed to dominate the medals throughout Olympic history. However, he medaled at 22 while Olga Korbut was 17 when she began to medal. At that young age, five years is a big deal. A great use of your blog, in my opinion, would be to give boys some tips on how to approach parents on the value of a good gymnastics coach. I never had children, but if I did, I’d explore the cost. I would be upfront about not having a lot of money. Is it really expensive to send kids to a gymnastics school? I don’t know, but I definitely think kids need to be encouraged to talk to their parents about a good gymnastics school. Here in America, if a school district is ill-funded, Fine Arts and PE are the first to get cut. While I was introduced to gymnastics at Havlicek Elementary in Berwyn when I was in first grade, today, I have never seen it in 5 plus years of teaching. Furthermore, weight training and competitive sports outside of a PE class don’t begin until one is a freshman in high school in my state. That’s why I encourage you to include pix of young boys to get the conversation started.

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