Together Again… Soon…

…any which way! For the moment, to enjoy the wrestling, visit the updated WRESTLING GALLERY #2. There are also some new GENTLY GAY amusements on that page. Here in Portugal, they are just opening up and – hooray – tourists won’t have to quarantine, so maybe our little and empty residence on a holiday site can actually have some guests at last. And maybe we can stop working as odd-job fixers and get back to our real job of supervising the fitness training and maybe some shows with seriously distanced audience! Meanwhile, for most of us, social distancing will continue to put an end to ‘just being mates together’ for a while (except for Dave, of course…). Enjoy some pictures taken before the pandemic…

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3 Responses to Together Again… Soon…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I found the “gay criminilization” map interesting. It’s probably based on specific statutes, however the reality is that we in the U. S. are far more accepting than the map allows. Every high school in which I teach has a Gay/Straight Alliance club. Chicago, of course, has “Boystown” complete with the gay flag adorning lampposts and crosswalks painted in the colors of the gay flag. Advertising on billboards specifically features gay couples throughout Illinois. In Illinois and throughout the country gays are becoming mayors and other important officials. HR5 is a proposed law in the House of Representatives gaining traction. It decriminalizes or reduces penalties on a lot of sex acts. Those who are currently guilty of sexting (many of which are underage) will face less harsh penalties. Ches Boudin (look him up) was this year elected State’s Attorney in San Francisco. He has said that he will not prosecute non-violent sex crimes such as prostitution (when no violence occurs) the same way. He will seek rehab vs. incarceration. BTW, prostitution is legal and regulated in certain parts of Nevada.

  2. Platinumboy says:

    I am not recommending prostitution. I am just using it as an example. What is defined as prostitution to one person may not fit the definition of another person. We use the phrase “sex worker” today in America. None of what I said should be construed to advocate illegal activity. I was simply noting changes in American attitude.

  3. Platinumboy says:

    I am also not advocating underage sex, just noting the coming changes in law and its application in the U. S.

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