Likes (and Dislikes!)

I get asked how I decide what gets posted here. That is a great example: nice-looking guy, shirt off, into his fitness, looking happy (not many do when posing!). We especially like guys together… ‘Bros’, male-bonding, basically enjoying being together. Boys doing gymnastics, acrobatics or wrestling especially favoured! Gay friendly but all welcome!

What don’t I like? Beards and mustaches, heavily hairy bodies, ludicrous ‘bodybuilder’ muscles, obvious ‘porn’ shots… I have been accused of Caucasian bias, and I guess that’s possibly true, being ‘that way inclined’ myself.

So here you get largely white guys (but not exclusively) working out, doing their sport, chilling after, enjoying the sun on their backs when they can… not too old (we’ve just exceeded a dreadful number (40)), not too young unless in a clearly acceptable setting. Very rare to get nudity here and certainly not full-frontal. Links at the end of this post might lead you to other interesting places.

Hope that helps – now, on with today’s show.

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2 Responses to Likes (and Dislikes!)

  1. Platinumboy says:

    You’re welcome to your own preferences. Those who have different preferences can look elsewhere or start their own blog. This is not meant to be unkind. The simple reality is that you are not a journalist. You are advertising your own ideas and opinions. If I were doing a similar blog, I would be more eclectic, but that is because I live in America, where mixing of the races through marriage, etc. has yielded a greater mix of body types and skin tone/ coloring. Here we can see nearly any variety of DNA mixture, which makes looking at physically fit people a bit more interesting. I like European fitness guys, but I also like South Americans, especially Brazilians, for their unique DNA mixture, which I think results in an especially interesting physique relative to skin tone and muscular development. I also like the look of a Japanese young man who is mixed with European or American DNA. I simply like the result vis a vis bone structure, musculature and skin tone. It’s all aesthetics, not racial. One of my favorite photos is from a Brazilian porn video whose name I forget. The still features two well-developed men walking hand-in-hand down a Brazilian beach, totally naked. To me, their bodies are perfect. One is tall and lean, the other shorter by maybe three inches (as memory serves). The shorter one is beefier, but far from fat. They are two different body types, but equally beautiful. Keep to your preferences. We have a lot of choices out there for blogs. I happen also to be a fan of Nick Mesh photography, but he has a different reason for his physique photography. I also think of photography as an art. To me, backlighting and Color Beyond are two important aspects of photography. That is probably why I am more varietal when it comes to body type preference.

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