“Get Yer Clobber Off and Join Me!”

Ethan likes to train in the rain…

…and that handstand at the end reminds me that I have just uploaded a new batch to HANDSTAND CENTRAL #1 page.

Evan likes running up walls and doing back flips (I know, I posted this before, but it’s fun if not exactly stylish!):

..why not join him in his yard? This next guy could use some company in his gym for his cable flies…

And then his friend is doing barbell curls in overgrasp – building forearm strength as well as his biceps and triceps:

So the message is – whatever, wherever, get those tops off guys and get sweaty together! The ‘bicycle twist for the oblique abdominals, for example (he needs to get his shoulders a little higher off the ground though):

The teeth show the effort being put in – and that is exactly what counts! Here’s another way to make things a bit tougher:

It is definitely the effort that counts:

Two nice examples there of using your own bodyweight to create the exercise resistance. Two more:

When rowing, who needs a boat? More ‘grit’ on this guy’s face…

every which way, it is that look, the one that shows just how the guy is really putting his back into the exercise, that we love to see:

Here’s a gif of a gymnast holding the ‘iron cross’, again with that look “NO, I won’t give in to it!! – this one will be on the GYMNASTS GALLERY #2 shortly, but enjoy it here for now before exploring that and other pages:

Of course, after all the effort, it is acceptable to have a bit of fun… keeping the ‘clobber’ off, of course: navy guys…

…football camp…

…show off what you’ve achieved…

…just chillin’ by the river…

…or just chillin’!

Another way…

So, “Get Yer Clobber Off” – and get stuck in!!

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