Get Sweaty with the Wrestlers!

Huge update at WRESTLING GALLERY #2! Pity that particular activity is a bit ‘iffy’ at the moment, what with Covid-19 and whatnot. Never mind: some tasters:

Sweat is the reward for putting effort into your sport – whatever it is. Not just wrestling, gym workouts or gymnastics… might be running or any cardio activity. Let’s add some suitably sweatty (or potentially sweaty!) guys on to this post:

He’s a classic, I know – and for sure has been posted here before. Now a couple of ‘slightly naughty’ ones… so I’ll post them small but they will enlarge:

Of course, there is always the relaxing sauna sweat to look forward to at the end of your workout…

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1 Response to Get Sweaty with the Wrestlers!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    It still seems odd that nudity is not accepted in America today, and you need to “hide” a semi-nude shot. I can still remember the day when nudity for boys was required for swimming and taking a shower was after PE was the norm. At the same time, modesty was enforced outside the locker room. In some cases, it was the norm for high school swim teams to compete publicly in the nude. I have a friend who did so in Northern Michigan during the 60s. It was a highly Scandinavian area where public nudity of boys was considered normal. My friend said that he not only publicly competed for his high school swim team completely naked in front of a mixed crowd of males and females of all ages, but that he sometimes had substitute female PE teachers who taught swimming while the females wore suits and the boys wore nothing. Check out some high school yearbooks where the swim team posed naked for their official team photo. Today, kids attend class barely dressed, but if you use the old phrase, “Hit the showers!” at the end of gym class, the kids tell you, “We don’t take showers anymore.”

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