Just Doing It – Gently…

Primarily this site is about guys’ fitness and the sports we love. We happen to be gay, but we try not to lay that on thick. Hence our pages like GENTLY GAY and CARING AND SHARING don’t feature porn and rarely feature nudity. There are plenty other places on the net to go for that.

We like to share fit bodies doing fitting things – sometimes together, sometimes not. So there are updates on both of those pages, and here are a couple of ‘tasters’ to whet your appetite to explore the other pages which are listed at the top of this page…

And now, for the rest of this post, a selection of images which illustrate just some of the things that give us pleasure, and hopefully will inspire you too to look upon us kindly…

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Born Northampton UK
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3 Responses to Just Doing It – Gently…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Yesterday’s comment was a lament at a difference in society between the 60s-70s and today. In my youth, we were more European in our attitude toward the human body. It was not a request for more nudity. Nudity was not a sexual thing. The human body was considered a normal thing to see. Where boys especially were concerned, it was not a prurient thing. Because people saw the human body through what I would call the European lense, nudity was no big deal. I am into classic American and British TV. One episode I have contains an old Tide detergent commercial from the 50s. The little boy in the commercial is stripped naked on camera (to my original surprise /”Did I see what I thought I saw?”) and placed in a wash tub while Mom is doing the laundry. The Walt Disney movie Pollyanna has an opening title sequence featuring boys skinny dipping. As available on youtube, one boy is featured swinging naked from a rope, his backside clearly visible. ( I read somewhere that Walt gave the boy a bike as an incentive to do the scene.) Also on youtube is the “freebootin'” sequence from Tom Sawyer. Beginning at 1:40 in the video, Tom and Huck are skinny dipping, their naked backsides clearly visible. Even today, nobody complains. It hasn’t been sanitized. I’m simply saying let’s go back to a European- type attitude to the human body.

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    Yep. Agree. Today’s blog theme wasn’t aimed at you at all… came into my head because I wanted to update CARING AND SHARING and somehow align the blog post to it. Tomorrow we’ll do something completely different!

  3. Platinumboy says:

    I guess it just worked out that way. Sorry.

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